HOTELbeat: Job Opening

Who & What Is HOTELbeat?
Our 4-year-old company was started by a distributed group of entrepreneurs with a background in technology, finance & hospitality. We’ve built a business around a web-based operational efficiencies SaaS platform in the hospitality space. Our software enables hotels to gain insight into their operations from any Internet connected device (phones, tablet, PCs) using our simple, intuitive interface. Based on the collected information we provide detailed information about the hotels that couldn’t easily be discerned otherwise. Picture a Google Analytics for hotel operations. Find more details here:

Who We’re Looking For?
HOTELbeat is looking for a motivated, energetic PHP programmer located on the US West coast, preferably in San Diego. You are a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) developer with experience ranging from the junior to senior level. You must have experience in both procedural and object-oriented PHP programming, HTML/CSS/JavaScript(jQuery), MySQL and Apache on Linux. You are self-motivated, have excellent communication skills and are comfortable multi-tasking several projects. Most importantly you are driven to learn and grow with our small but energized team. Your responsibilities would include the ongoing co-development, maintenance and peripheral services of

Technical Requirements

  • 3+ Recent years of programming for the web.
  • Understanding of the full LAMP stack and how they work together
  • Both procedural and object-oriented PHP
  • VPS / Horizontal scalability
  • Proficient CSS skills
  • Proficient MySQL database programming skills
  • Understand how to use GIT / GITHub
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Photoshop / GIMP or similar
  • In San Diego

Full Time

Based on experience.

Apply: Please respond with your resume via email along with your thoughts on why you’d be a good fit for this position, compensation requirements and any other details you feel are relevant.

NOTE: We’re not entertaining inquiries from recruiting / staffing agencies or individuals overseas. We’re really looking for a San Diego local.

Meeting #40: Understanding Security: White Hat Software Development


This month we will be talking web Security. Thomas Rideout (@RealRideout) will present on the topic. We will be taking a look at the hacker perspective and the common tools, mistakes and exploits within web applications. Discussion will involve a wide spectrum of the web stack, including MySQL, PHP, SSL, Apache/nginx and more. I expect there will be a lot of follow up discussion on it as well.

Link to presentation.

Link to Video.