New Job Opening: Sr. LAMP Developer (Strong PHP a must) [San Diego – California]


Fast growing digital marketing company seeking senior level LAMP developers with awesome PHP chops

  • Our client is looking for a seasoned LAMP developer with rock solid PHP skills including rich experience and proficiency with the OO aspects of PHP development.
  • The ideal candidate would also be proficient with a modern NoSQL technology.
  • You’ll be responsible for building scalable applications from the ground up with little managerial oversight.

Required Skills:

  • Expert understanding of software architecture, design patterns, and system integrations
  • Strong skill in object-oriented PHP
  • Strong skill in relational databases; working knowledge of MySQL required Proficiency or recent experience of NoSQL technology,  CouchDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Memcache
  • Working knowledge of web services and data structures (SOAP/REST, JSON) Working knowledge of front-end web stack (HTML/CSS, JS/jQuery)
  • Basic understanding of Linux command line


To apply, please contact Alex Wenz.

New Job Opening: (Cardiff, CA)

Fitn is a software that is poised to disrupt the fitness space.  Fitn is looking for a mid to senior level developer to work on it’s social fitness app. Fitn runs off a modern LAMP stack and cloud hosting and is designed as an open and extensible platform with a RESTful web-services core which is consumed by a web front-end, web admin, as well as a native iOS and Android application.


Required Experience:

  • 5 years working on LAMP stack applications
  • 3 years working on a mid-size (100,000 requests/day) web application
  • 2 years administering and optimizing MySQL (or other SQL server) database
  • Demonstrable experience integrating with third party APIs

Required Skills:

  • Strong object-oriented design competency
  • Strong REST web service design and development competency
  • Basic LAMP administration. Some basic apache config, (vhosts and mod_rewrites), iptables, etc…
  • PHP framework experience (preferably laravel, but any other modern framework -symphony, zend, yii, CI, etc… is fine too)
  • Redis administration
  • Git
  • Composer
  • Database design and optimization (MySQL)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Flexibility and forward thinking (we’re a startup and pivots are in our nature)

Preferred Skills:

  • OAuth2 identity management (both serving and consuming).
  • Elasticsearch
  • Logstash
  • Kibana
  • Objective-c
  • Java (android)
  • WordPress administration (corp site)

To apply, please contact Ryan Rothschild.

North County Study Group Prerequisites

As our study group has become more and more settled in, we have come up with some software and configurations that are standard for the group. The list here should help you set up that software and get you prepared for the meetup. If you have any trouble with the software, don’t worry, we’ll be glad to help you get everything figured out at the meetup. All the software listed below is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Please bring in a laptop with WiFi that you have permission to install the software listed below on.


Vagrant: We use this to set up and build quick development environments.

Git: This is our VCS of choice and is required to access packages that we are developing and sharing.

Composer: Package Management for PHP. Composer is required to install all the elements that we rely on which we won’t be writing ourselves.

Homestead: The Laravel Framework development environment. Our current focus includes a lot of Laravel study and instruction, and as such, Homestead is an invaluable resource for quick environments.

The IDE of your choice: We recommend PHPStorm, but if you need a free solution you can grab NetBeans or Eclipse.


We have a great group so far and would love to see new faces. Remember, if you have any problem installing these components, DO NOT WORRY, we are here to help you.