IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.  From In the simplest of terms, IRC is a network of chatrooms where each individual chatroom is called a channel. Channels are hosted on servers, and each server maintains its own network of channels. Using an IRC client, you can connect to a server and join the channels on that server. By doing so, you’ll be able to chat with other users who have connected to the same channels on those same servers.

SD PHP uses IRC for real time chat.  Members can use any IRC client and connect to, and then join #sdphp.  We usually have a group of members that are in the chat room all day.  We consider this a more real time communication channel.  This doesn’t mean you will always get a response right away, but there is a good chance you will.

The SD PHP Bouncer is available to members that want access.

Recommended IRC Clients

Mac OS X



Web Based Client


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