Now Hiring: FortuneBuilders

FortuneBuilders, Inc. is the premier real estate education company in the nation that is looking for a developer to optimize efficiencies, create non-existing features and help determine the future direction of technology used to help benefit the company, team and students.

Required skills:

  • Symfony2, Composer – This experience is a MUST!
  • PHP, Xdebug
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • PHP MVC Frameworks
  • Laravel
  • ORM (Doctrine, Propel)
  • Knowledge of OOP (Classes, Interfaces, methods/properties, overriding, overloading, inheritance, encapsulation, cohesion, OOP principles)
  • Design Patterns (Builder, Factory, Singleton, Facade, etc)

Additional skills:

  • Angular 2 (TypeScript)
  • AngularJS
  • WordPress (Multisite, Theming, Plugins, Post Types, Meta, Shortcodes)
  • Webpack, Angular CLI, NPM, Node.js, JS/Angular Unit Testing
  • HTML(5), CSS(3), Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery
  • Responsive/Adaptive Web Design, Cross Browser Compatibility
  • CSS Preprocessors (LESS, SASS)
  • Design Tools: Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop), Wireframes, Mockups
  • Unbuntu, xampp
  • Apache
  • AWS
  • Jira, Confluence, Slack

Prefered education/ experience:

  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Web Development, or related major
  • 5+ years’ experience working with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Symfony and JavaScript
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of building WordPress site
  • Extensive knowledge and experience developing heavily customized themes and plugins (Theming, Plugins, Post Types, Meta, Shortcodes), bundles and api end-points

Fill out the application directly on the FortuneBuilders career site.

SDPHP Meetup || June 14, 2017

On Wednesday, SDPHP hosted a series of lightning talks on different PHP frameworks at Zeeto. Over 20 people joined us and listened as Kevin Yarmak, Frank Wallen, Marcus Moore, and Eric Van Johnson presented on Yii, CakePHP, Phalcon, and Laravel.

Thank you everyone who was able to make it this month to the meetup. If you weren’t able to be here this time, next month we will be meeting July 12, same time (7 PM), same place (Zeeto). Join our Meetup page to be updated on our monthly presentations and other opportunities to work with us.