The SDPHP Group is always looking for what it can do to better strengthen the PHP community in San Diego. It is in this spirit we are launching a project to help facilitate PHP Mentorship. The purpose of this project is to give individuals looking for guidance and personal development with PHP related topics a clear avenue to find people willing to help them. As well as to help organize individuals who are willing to offer guidance and a support, by giving them network to allow them to give the best help possible.

Mentoring == Knowledge

Mentoring is about interaction, learning, providing help and feedback. The idea is to offer a personal touch point for people looking to further their knowledge of PHP. Someone they can get in touch with, ask direct questions and get direction.

Mentoring != Training 

The mentoring program is not a free training program. How much actual training a mentor would like to do, if any, is up to the discretion of the individual mentor themselves, but the expectation should not be that the mentor will be a personal PHP trainer. Mentors may only offer help with code reviews and suggestions on what someone getting mentored should study and read up on.

Mentoring != Placement Agent

If the goal of the individual being mentored is to find work, then they should look to their mentor on guidance on issue like how to word their resume, what salary to ask for, what skill sets they should have, or if a particular position is a good fit. What should not be expected is for the mentor to look for position for the mentee. Remember the role of a mentor is guidance, not as a booking agent or personal marketer.

How to get involved